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Author's Notes: His Executive Sweetheart (I'll Put The Coffee On) [Ryan/Spencer, Panic at the Disco]

Title: His Executive Sweetheart (I'll Put The Coffee On)
Author: sunsetmog
Fandom: Panic at the Disco
Pairing: Ryan Ross / Spencer Smith [background Brendon Urie / Jon Walker]
Rating: Adult
Word Count: ~34,300.

Notes: With many, many thanks to the people who read this through for me: rubbishgroupie, who first read it when it was only a draft and left me her reactions in a voicemail (<333) in order to stop me deleting the whole file, and liketheroad, who championed it and sent me emails which made me beam; miznarrator, who talked this over with me over coffee in Starbucks, and then sent me a detailed beta as well, vensre, whose comments were super-helpful (and mint-green), and stepps, who didn't seem to mind when I sent her an email mid-beta to tell her I'd changed the ending and would she mind reading the new version instead. Still, any errors and accidental British-isms are entirely down to me.

This is loosely based on His Executive Sweetheart by Christine Rimmer. It quite closely follows the storyline of the first couple of chapters, before entirely verging off in its own direction, mostly because this was as far as I got with the book before I gave up. Both the original blurb (minus the accidental pregnancy part; this was ridiculous enough without attempting to make Ryan pregnant half way through) and the slightly adjusted Panic version can be found below.

As a prim-and-proper executive assistant, Celia Tuttle wasn't supposed to have fallen madly, hopelessly in love with her boss. Especially when her boss was business mogul and confirmed bachelor Aaron Bravo. Only one thing would get him to notice her and that was a makeover… How was Aaron to convince her that his honorable proposal came from love?

(As an aside, how could anyone, ever, resist a book where the hero and the heroine were Aaron and Celia?)

Anyway, thank you to harlequin_bands for giving me the inspiration to start this – I am a not-so secret sucker for romance novels with all their tropes and styles and just could not resist the opportunity to wallow in the genre for a while.

Summary: As a bored but efficient executive assistant, Ryan Ross wasn't supposed to have fallen madly, hopelessly in love with his boss. Especially when his boss was business mogul and confirmed bachelor (and old childhood friend) Spencer Smith. His best friends were convinced that only one thing would get Spencer to notice him, and that was a makeover. But if he lets them have their way, then how is Ryan to ever really know for sure if Spencer likes Ryan for real?

[One] [Two] [Three] [Four]

Tags: au, bandslash, harlequin_bands, panic at the disco, ryan ross/spencer smith
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